It was my first time ever going to a cat cafe. I was running a little late due to Edmonton traffic. My partner and I had driven 2 hours to see this cat cafe! I let the staff know by phone. They were so kind. Friendly, helpful staff is a huge key to customer service. It was nice to see that the staff also knew a lot about the cats. Very clean, great drinks and comfy area to hang out with the cats. Loved it there!

- Dobelove

Had a nice time visiting the cats with my daughter. The cafe is well set up with chairs, cushions, brushes and toys to make for an interactive experience. Staff was knowledgeable about the cats and very helpful and friendly. Looking forward to future visits to visit the new feline residents.

- Erinb

Great cafe with high end coffee & excellent lay out to visit the kitties. Cute stuff for sale, too. Bought a cute bow tie on collar for my cat. Wendy Taylor

- Wendy

A great cat cafe with friendly staff, great drinks and cute rescue/ adoptable kitties!

- ADavies80