Look, I'm not a huge cat person but this cat cafe turned me around a bit. The friendliness and welcoming atmosphere of the staff, in addition to the cozy environment of the cafe and huge attention to detail in the cat room made for an incredible experience during our reservation. Reservations for the separate cat room are made in 1 hour increments for $10, and come with free refills on a complimentary drink (drip coffee, iced coffee, or reduced rates on specialty drinks). Admission into the cat room was orderly and on time, with only about 8 people allowed into the room. Everywhere you looked were cats! In the rafters! On the multitude of cat ramps and shelves around the room! Shy cats could easily escape or hide in a private cat room, and there were plenty of toys of treats for guests to engage with the critters. Kittens leapt out at people from under over-sized chairs and older cats lazed just within arms reach of more calm visitors. If you're interested in adopting a cat, this is great intimate and relaxed space to see the cat's personality and spend some one-on-one time. The room monitor said they adopt out between 4 and 10 cats a day from the room, so don't hesitate too long if there's one that you click with! Overall, this place can't be beat. It's clear that all of the staff truly care about these cats and finding them good homes, in addition to providing excellent coffee and a charming space to visit.

- cat404

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