I enjoyed my time there, all the cats were wonderful, the staff was nice, and they had tables set up with games and coloring books to choose from. The walls are decorating with cat paintings, I would assume perhaps from their painting with cats event. Although, I will be fair and say at the time they were going through some remodeling so it was a bit barren and unrefined, but myself and company didn't mind. They had paintings up for decoration and plenty of places for the cats to climb and sleep. They are also going through some stuff to get food licenses, so they didn't have much to offer besides stuff like water, but considering I came more for the cats and it's still becoming established, I didn't mind that either. I'm sure they'll be better once they do get more on their feet, but if you just wanted to hang out with cats and friends it's still a nice place to go.

- InvaderFuzzytalon

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