Catcade View

The Catcade

10/10 would sit among cute sweet cats again

Catcade View

The Catcade

The experience of the catcade is any animal lovers dream. If you want to just relax, there are several little nooks to curl up in and a cat will more than likely come cuddle. Just play with a fur ball? There are toys for them to interact with as well. Old video game selections, a movie playing, kind cat lovers surrounding you. Everything you could ever want for an hour! It was so great I went back the same day.

Ellas cathouse and cat nip bar logo View

Ella’s Cat House & Catnip Bar

We visited Ella's on a rainy afternoon. Most of the cats were sleepy but still happy to cuddle. Although we were the only two people there any way, the maximum allowed in the cat room at a time is four visitors so there's a great human to cat ratio :) Two adorable dogs belonging to a volunteer were hanging out towards the back in a stroller. Definitely recommend if you're in need of some cat time!

Cat town logo View

Cat Town Cafe

Cat Town was a fun visit. They have some awesome San Francisco furniture for the cats. It was super clean and a couple of the volunteers were very friendly. I definitely recommend you stop by for a visit!

The dancing cat logo View

The Dancing Cat

This place was pretty alright.