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Crooked Tail Cat Cafe

Crooked Tail Cat Cafe is the best cat cafe in the area, hands down. They were the first cafe to open in North Carolina, the first I've been to, and they're currently the only licensed one in the area - the other two are in Charlotte, my personal favorite is Mac Tabby! I've talked to the owner about what they had to do to open and the detail put into the place is incredible. The decorations are so detailed that the chairs have little knitted cat feet on them to protect the floors while maintaining peak cuteness, and the regulations were so stringently adhered to that they even had to coat the floor in polyurethane to keep the wood from absorbing potential pathogens. The only downside is that they don't have a kitchen or preparation area for fresh goods, but they aren't allowed to so I guess it's not their fault.

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Gatos y Blues Cat Cafe


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Lady T's Curious Cats & Coffee Parlour

Visited the Curious Cat on Tuesday 13 March 2018, lovely place for a cuppa with all the cats! Staff are very friendly, cats all have their own personalities - just adorable & well looked after! Thank you for looking after the unwanted ones! Keep up the great work! Looking forward to visiting again soon!

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Alley Cat Cafe

Excellent food and service. There's no fee for the cat room!!! Its cozy snd very relaxing too

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Tabby Teas Cat Cafe

Excellent coffee, cute cats and caring owner!

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Whiskers Cat Cafe

We loved our visit. The cafe is relaxing, quirky and mellow. Coffee and cats is a fantastic way to spend the afternoon. We can't wait to come back 😊

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Fancy Meow Cat Cafe

First time at a cat cafe, wasn't sure what to expect. The cats were shy at first and then they came in droves. And kept coming. And kept coming. Soon they were everywhere and I wanted to die just so that I could die as happy as I was in that moment. My hot chocolate was nothing to write home about but it got the job done. So many cats, so many ragdolls that just want to cuddle it was wild.

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Kitty Brew Cat Cafe

Awesome would recommend to anyone!

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KitTea Cat Cafe

We visited KitTea Cafe while on a recent vacation to SF. The staff were friendly, the food was excellent, and the cats were adorable.

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Java Cats Cafe

Staff was nice, cats looked as happy as cats can. We didn't know you should make reservations when we went and sadly the cat room was booked for the entire day.

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Java Cats Cafe

I had a great experience here! The cats also seem very happy (which made me as a customer very happy too!) I would definitely recommend.

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Java Cats Cafe

Look, I'm not a huge cat person but this cat cafe turned me around a bit. The friendliness and welcoming atmosphere of the staff, in addition to the cozy environment of the cafe and huge attention to detail in the cat room made for an incredible experience during our reservation. Reservations for the separate cat room are made in 1 hour increments for $10, and come with free refills on a complimentary drink (drip coffee, iced coffee, or reduced rates on specialty drinks). Admission into the cat room was orderly and on time, with only about 8 people allowed into the room. Everywhere you looked were cats! In the rafters! On the multitude of cat ramps and shelves around the room! Shy cats could easily escape or hide in a private cat room, and there were plenty of toys of treats for guests to engage with the critters. Kittens leapt out at people from under over-sized chairs and older cats lazed just within arms reach of more calm visitors. If you're interested in adopting a cat, this is great intimate and relaxed space to see the cat's personality and spend some one-on-one time. The room monitor said they adopt out between 4 and 10 cats a day from the room, so don't hesitate too long if there's one that you click with! Overall, this place can't be beat. It's clear that all of the staff truly care about these cats and finding them good homes, in addition to providing excellent coffee and a charming space to visit.

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If you want intimate contact with cats, this is the spot. Located on the southern edge of Condesa, its easy to get to and full of friendly, active kittens. The menu is pretty wide-ranging (it's almost more of a cat diner) and apparently you can order cat food to feed the highly excitable kittens. There's no separation between the door to the busy street and the main room, which seems a little dangerous, but what do I know? Wifi, bevvies, cheap eats, cute cats. What more do you want?

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Cafe Neko

Obviously I'm a little biased as I love cats but had a great experience at Cafe Neko! We went on a Monday and it was very quiet and relaxed. The cats were obviously well looked after and were relaxed and happy to be petted with lots of space for them to run around (they were not allowed in the kitchen and stuck to this rule the whole time we were there, at least). Decent coffee which was cutely presented, didn't order food so can't comment on that. No pressure to leave in a rush, it felt like you could stay all day if you wanted to and I definitely could have done! Staff were polite and the whole atmosphere was very relaxing. Definitely recommend if you're in Vienna!

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La Gateria

Friendly Mexican cats in a cozy atmosphere. Need I say more?đŸ˜ș

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What could be better than spending and hour with adorable adoptable kitties whilst snacking on delicious crepes? Highly recommended!

Koneko logo View


10/10. My heaven on Earth. Cutest/playful/cuddliest kitties. I was in love and the cool thing is you can even adopt them!

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Java Cats Cafe

The atmosphere is calming and quaint! The cats are very well taken care of and seem so happy . You get a free drip coffee or hot tea with entry to the cat lounge, which is $10, and you can stay for an hour amongst the kitties. I was noticeable calmer when I left. The owner is so sweet and excited to hear your feedback too! I recommend and wish I could give 6 stars

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Catfé was super cute! I got an adorable cat shaped macaron and a super delicious chai latte before going to the cat room. The room where the cats reside is super spacious with lots of great spaces for cats. While we were there, there weren't many cats - which is a good thing because it means they found homes but still a disappointment when you've paid. There was one cat that didn't seem super suitable for the environment, a staff member had to rescue a guest's jacket.

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Cat Cafe Manchester

I came here in the first month they opened. It was my first cat cafe experience and it was lovely. You can queue but it's probably recommended to book ahead of time for specific time slots. They give you little slippers to wear and it's very clean with big picture windows. The cats have great playing and climbing areas and the couches are comfortable - there are plenty of places to sit. Nice assortment of beverages and I think some snacks were available. There were lots of toys available to play with the cats and they seemed happy and well-rested. If I lived in Manchester I'd probably visit here a lot more :)

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Crumbs & Whiskers Los Angeles

Wonderful atmosphere - very organized at the door - you book your time slot and then they take your drink order - great that they have Almond milk options etc for vegans. Cute and funny decor - like the 'Cats Before Bros' sign. Its' very clean and the cats look happy and well rested. I believe all the cats are adoptable and they have bow ties to indicate if they are boys or girls. Favourite place is what I can the snuggle area by the front where you can lie around on a white shaggy carpet with the cats. It's good that the cats also have a private area at the back they can go to if they need a break from the humans.

Lady dinah logo View

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

The cats were cute but the staff were not (fairly unfriendly). We paid extra to do the special high tea service and were fairly disappointed with the quality of the food. It's fantastic that the cats here are rescued but since they are not adoptable you might as well go to London Cat Village for your cat cafe visit while in London.

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Le Café des Chats

We came here after visiting Chat Mallows so maybe our expectations were a little high but we didn't really enjoy our visit here. The staff took forever to take our order and bring us our drinks. The bathroom smelled horribly of cat pee (not something I have experienced at any other cat cafe). The cats were adorable of course but the few that were out were all sleeping so we didn't get a chance to play with them.

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This Is A Coffee Shop

I really enjoyed my visit to London Cat Village. As we walked up, we were greeted by Oscar (an adorable Scottish Fold) sleeping in the window. Along with Oscar, the cafe has several more purebred cats as well as some rescues. There wasn't much cat action upstairs because everybody was sleeping but downstairs was a cute cat paradise. We were running late and the staff was kind enough to let us stay our full hour any way. Definitely schedule a visit if you're ever in London!

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Seattle Meowtropolitan

Seattle Meowtropolitan is my favorite cat cafe that I've visited so far. They have both cats that are adoptable and cats the live at the cafe so they are familiar with people. They also set up a clever collar system for cats that might not be so nice (stay away from the yellow ones!). With your entrance fee, you get a drink so I got a chai latte that was pretty good.

Cat town logo View

Cat Town Cafe

Cat Town was a fun visit. They have some awesome San Francisco furniture for the cats. It was super clean and a couple of the volunteers were very friendly. I definitely recommend you stop by for a visit!

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Purringtons Cat Lounge

I enjoyed the time I spent at Purringtons. I had my first alcoholic beverage (at a cat cafe) here, a hard cider that was delicious. The room where the cats are kept is fairly small but cozy and comfortable. While we were there, there was another group of three and after they left a few other people wandered in. I can't imagine the cat room with more than nine or ten people, it would get a little crowded if you were trying to move around.

Lady dinah logo View

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

You never forget your first. Nicely sized space, playful cats, appropriately awkward clientele.

La gateria logo View

La Gateria

The only cat cafe I've been to more than once, this cute space is in Mexico City's hipster neighborhood, Roma, and attracts a crowd of mostly locals. The cats are rad, especially Romeo, who runs the joint, and the vibe is fairly chill. The menu of treats and drinks also is solid. By far the best option is the CATNIP tea. Get it, get it.

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Chat Mallows Café

The employees were relatively accommodating to our non-French speaking selves. Chat Mallows is the smallest cat cafe I've been to and when it's fully booked I imagine there is not much room to move around. A few of the cats are purebred (Devon Rex, Sphynx, British Shorthair) and none are up for adoption so they are permanently at the café possibly making them slightly friendlier to cafe guests. I'm not normally a fan of hairless cats, but there was a chubby Sphynx (Yoda) that was super friendly!

Chat mallows cafe logo View

Chat Mallows Café

This place was awesome, I gave this place 4 stars because it was very small and the employees weren't all that friendly.

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KitTea Cat Cafe

KitTea was the first cat cafe I visited and is still one of my favorites. I went for a movie night but nobody really watched the movie because there were too many adorable cats stealing the spotlight. My favorite was Turbo, an overweight brown tabby, who didn't mind being bothered by so many (possibly tipsy) adults.